I have always loved trees! I remember growing up in Wisconsin, we had a large maple tree in our front yard. During the summer months when it was surprisingly hot for a northern state like Wisconsin, I would pack up books and my plastic zoo animals, and anything else that I could find, grab an old blanket, and set myself...[ read more ]

New Normal, Now Normal…What is Normal?

If you have been keeping up with all that has transpired since the first time you heard the word coronavirus then I am guessing the next few words have also been heard ad nauseum…unprecedented, quarantine, flatten the curve, new normal, now normal among others. Even if you have chosen to avoid the local and national news, I think it is...[ read more ]

Differentiation of Self

The last Bowenian concept that I want to share with you is what is called differentiation of self. As the name implies, this has a great deal to do with the ability to separate (or differentiate) yourself from others. You might ask, “what do I need to separate myself from?” the answer to that question is the thoughts, feelings, and...[ read more ]

Multigenerational Transmission Process: The Ties that Bind Us Together

Last month I shared some information on what emotional triangles look like in relationships with the important people in your life. This covered family, friends, and co-workers. This month’s topic is going to focus specifically on the family and how each generation impacts the next. Before I get into that it is important to understand that even when it seems...[ read more ]

Individuality & Togetherness

These two little words are what family therapy pioneer Murray Bowen devoted much of his time to understanding. His research and work in the 1950s helped move therapy away from focusing strictly on the individual to considering the interconnected nature of the family system. As we continue to navigate staying at home and reintegration into society these two words have...[ read more ]

Be mindful of each moment

Throughout these days of frequent changes and uncertainty about tomorrow it is normal to feel a little off-balance. Your hopes for the new year did not include prolonged time at home due to a pandemic, yet here you are running on a hamster wheel of eat, sleep, and repeat. You may be feeling unnerved as you wait for life to...[ read more ]

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